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Y R Associate: has been in business since 2001. We specialize in traditional hand forged Damascus steel, for which we have become renowned, both on the home and export market. Our company is made up of high caliber artisans who have worked with hand forged Damascus steel for many years.

Through hard work and an eye for quality, together with total commitment and dedication, we are now one of the leading makers of hand forged Damascus steel Knives with a growing repeat clientele. Our knife production is flexible and able to meet demand in affordable, as well as high end knife projects. Although better known for our quality hand forged Damascus steel, we are also set up to provide a varied range of knives made from Damascus Steel, 440C, 420 J2, 1060, 1084, 1095 and the ever popular D2 steel; as attractive as they are durable to please demanding collectors and day to day users worldwide.

Our utilization of a wide range of handle materials, from Composites to natural materials such as Antler, Buffalo horn and Camel bone, Rose wood, Olive wood, Walnut etc., enables us to provide a broad spectrum of designs. If it can be imagined, then we most probably can make it! Whatever your requirements, from a simple utilitarian knife to a complex stunning design, we can make it for you – our Artisans love a challenge.  

The products on this site are just a selection from our varied range. We make much more, but due to our discrete handling of enquiries, clients’ projects tend to remain in the background. We welcome enquiries from potential trade partners regardless of size/turnover. We are very client orientated and prompt in response, so should you require information or have specific questions you would like answers to, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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Muhammad Yasir Rajpoot (CEO)

Y R Associate


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